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z/OS Security

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z/OS Security

The course is based on the IBM Redbook entitled “Introduction to the New Mainframe: Security.” The class is structured to develop the student’s understanding of information security from a business implementation perspective. The basic

concepts of security are explained, as well as how these concepts have been implemented on the z Systems hardware and the z/OS operating system and its components.

Prerequisite: Introduction to z/OS and Major Subsystems Follows NCRT 120 or CMPT 316

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z/OS Associate Certificate Course Table

Course title Instructors Timing
Introduction to z/OS and Major Subsystems Marilyn Zeppetelli Aug 29, 2022 Click Here
z/OS Networking Mike Cirulli Nov 28, 2022 Click Here
z/OS Security W. Craig Johnston, CISSP®, PCIP™ Feb 27, 2023 Click Here

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