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Many large companies continue to rely on mainframes running on IBM Z, yet the professionals who manage and operate these systems are retiring. The Institute for Data Center Professionals is addressing this critical skills shortage by offering these unique educational programs.

Marist College and IBM have jointly developed these worldwide programs designed to educate personnel who are entering the field as well as those with experience in IBM Z and z/OS and a variety of application programming tracks including COBOL, DB2, and Assembler language. A combination of lecture and “hands on” experience helps build valuable skills needed by mainframe professionals.

In addition, there is no question that technology is ever changing and businesses must adapt to remain viable and productive. With this in mind, the IDCP offers a variety of certificate programs focusing on cutting edge, emerging technologies including Running Linux on z/VM and  Cybersecurity.


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What our students think About IDCP

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"Marist did a great job in preparing me for my career in both my undergraduate studies, as well as my z/OS Associate Certification once I started at IBM. The professors are eager to make sure the students understand the material and are always available for the students when needed. The course work is relevant for many different professions and allows students to follow their interests, while still learning the foundational concepts needed. I would recommend Marist's IDCP courses to anyone interested in a career in technology." Dan Jast: Z Systems Technical Specialist

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"Overall [the program] is very, very good course and great content for my role. I am an IT internal infrastructure auditor. We do audits on z/OS, CICS, IMS, WAS, HTTP, pretty much every aspect of the course. I'm suggesting more of my team take it." R.K.

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