Data Center Facilities Management

Program Overview

The data center is changing rapidly. Emerging technologies on the horizon challenge the traditional technical competencies in industry. The data center certificate programs provide a variety of vendor-neutral educational programs appropriate for employee development and training enabling data center professionals to run their mission-critical computer operations with increased efficiency and reliability and continuously adapt to the changing landscape.  This unique program covers everything from the bare fundamentals to data center design and management.

About Us

The concept of the IDCP was originally developed by Dr. David Boyes and Sine Nomine Associates in 2002.  The Marist College Institute for Data Center Professionals (IDCP) was founded in 2004 with support and funding from the National Science Foundation.  In partnership with professional, industry and governmental organizations, the IDCP has been providing individuals and corporate teams with skills-based education and credentialing supporting the data center and enterprise computing environments of the future.

Professionals working in the data center and enterprise computing realm are critical resources for the nation's economic stability and national security, yet there is a significant skills shortage as experienced professionals are retiring from the workforce and traditional educational programs are not addressing this challenge.

All courses offered through the IDCP utilize the Marist College Premier iLearn course management system delivering multimedia content.  In addition, the Knowledge Center at Marist College provides students with a hands-on virtual laboratory environment.


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"For the first time, there is a college-level accredited education designed specifically for those who wish to advance their data center careers.  The 100% on-line learning programs offered through the Institute for Data Center Professionals address a significant need in the industry to broaden skills, proliferate best practices and develop a community of learning." Dr. Roger Norton, Dean of the School of Computer Science and Mathematics  

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Course List