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z/OS Networking

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This course examines network theory and architectures (TCP/IP and SNA/APPN), the business problems to be solved and actual implementations, as well as security, administration, and operations. A PC with Windows is required to complete assignments where you learn and investigate general computer networking, and 2 hands-on labs where you will work on your own virtual z/OS system: examining, modifying, and repairing its network. The labs and lectures are an introduction to the tasks of a z Systems network administrator and will enable you to discuss data center issues with network managers as an informed and active participant.

Prerequisite: NCRT 110 or CMPT 315

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Course title Instructors Timing
Introduction to z/OS and Major Subsystems Marilyn Kienzle February 12, 2024 Read more
z/OS Networking Mike Cirulli November 25, 2024 Read more
z/OS Security TBD February 24, 2025 Read more

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