z/OS Emerging Technologies

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z/OS Emerging Technologies

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This course is part of the Professional Certificate.


This course provides an overview of technologies that are expected to have significant impact on large scale computing environments over the next several years.  In some cases the technologies discussed are relatively new and in other cases they have been around in one form or another for some time. In either case, this course looks at these technologies from the perspective of the IBM Z hardware and software and the value and uniqueness of these technologies when used on IBM Z. The topics covered include Websphere Liberty, z/OSMF, Open Language Support, z/OS Container Extensions, Ansible for IBM Z, ZOWE, Watson Machine Learning and Data Analytics for z/OS, and Linux on Z.

z/OS Emerging Technologies

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z/OS Advanced Red Table list

Course title Instructors Timing
z/OS Advanced Topics Marilyn Kienzle 8/26/2024 CLICK HERE
z/OS RAS AND PD Bob Abrams 11/25/2024 Click Here
z/OS Emerging Technologies Marilyn Kienzle 02/24/2025 CLICK HERE

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