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z/OS Installation

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This course provides instruction on the use of SMP/E to perform z/OS installation and related activities. Practical exercises are used to build z/OS installation skills. The topics covered in this module include:

  • z/OS Installation Overview

  • SMP/E Basic Topics

  • SMP/E Advanced Topics

  • Planning for z/OS

  • z/OS Software Offerings

  • Ordering z/OS Software

  • Cloning

  • Upgrade a z/OS product

  • z/OS Migration

  • z/OS Configuration and Customization

  • z/OS Deployment

  • ServerPac

  • z/OS Maintenance Best Practices

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z/OS Expert Cert table

Course title Instructors Timing
z/OS Installation TBA TBA Read More
DB2 Fundamentals TBA TBA Read More
z/OS Performance Fundamentals TBA TBA Read More

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