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Basic Assembler Language Programming

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The class includes weekly video lectures and programming assignments that help students develop fundamental assembler skills. Individual attention is given to each student. Topics include number systems, machine components, instruction formats, addressing techniques, character manipulation, looping, conditional logic, packed decimal and binary arithmetic, multiple CSECTs, parameter passing, linkage conventions, debugging by hand, dump reading, and DSECTs.

Prerequisite: NCRT 110 or CMPT 315

Basic Assembler Programming Badge

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A badge demonstrating proficiency with basic assembler language programming.

Assembler Certificate Course Table

Course title Instructors Timing
Introduction to z/OS and Major Subsystems Marilyn Zeppetelli August 28, 2023 Click Here
Basic Assembler Language Programming TBA November 27, 2023 Click Here
Advanced Assembler Language Programming TBA February 26, 2024 Click Here

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