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IBM-IDCP Co-branded Badges


IBM and IDCP co-branded Digital Badges

Digital credentials have revolutionized the way the technical community assesses and promotes skills and achievements. The IBM Open Badge Program is at the leading edge of this badging revolution and has developed these benchmark credentials for mainframe computing professionals at all levels to learn, invest, and promote their expertise in the global mainframe computing arena.

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We have courses in the following areas:

We build the skills needed to get started in z/OS. We offer an Associate, Professional and Expert level certificate with IBM digital credentials to get you started.
The Data Center Facilities Management Associate and Professional Certificate programs provide training in critical infrastructure design, management, and problem-solving acumen.
The Cybersecurity certificate is suitable for entry-level positions in the computer science or information technology fields, senior system managers or system administrators, or technical professionals looking to broaden their skill set or transition into security from adjacent fields such as criminal justice, business and finance, or healthcare.
New this Fall - an introduction to Quantum Computing with our Introduction to Quantum Computer Algorithms and Programming course. We also offer a Business Analytics certificate program that can provide you with the necessary knowledge, skills, and hands-on experiences to advance within this growing field.

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Introduction to Cybersecurity

This course provides an introduction to key concepts in cybersecurity for cloud and enterprise data centers. Fundamental cybersecurity concepts are covered, including physical data center security, authentication, access control, identity management, secure software development principles and practice, cryptography, privacy, and compliance/governance. Students will be introduced to ethical hacking and a variety of common security attacks.

author img Casimer DeCusatis, Ph.D.

Introduction to Quantum Computer Algorithms and Programming

In this course, you will be introduced to core concepts including advanced linear algebra, superposition, entanglement, bra-ket notation, quantum gates, and more. Students will have hands-on experience programming an IBM Q System using the Qiskit language, and implementing algorithms including Deutsch-Josza, Grover, Simon, Shor, Quantum Fourier Transform, and Quantum Cryptography using BB84 protocols.

author img Casimer DeCusatis, Ph.D.

Introduction to z/OS and Major Subsystems

This course introduces the IBM Z hardware, z/OS operating system, and middleware functions and features. This includes hardware concepts such as virtualization, logical partitioning, multi-processing, and high performance I/O. The operating system concepts covered in- clude workload management (batch and transactional), dispatching, job control language, security, networking and other operating system functions.

author img Marilyn Zeppetelli

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