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Cybersecurity Certificate: Introduction to Cybersecurity

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This course provides an introduction and overview of key concepts in cybersecurity for cloud and enterprise data centers. We provide a framework for understanding cybersecurity concepts based on the NIST cybersecurity lifecycle. Students will be introduced to core concepts including physical data center security, authentication, access control, identity management, secure software development principles and practice, cryptography, cloud security, compliance, and governance. Students will be introduced to a variety of common security attacks, including code injection, man-in-the-middle, phishing, buffer overflows, and adjacency attacks. Using a self-contained lab environment, isolated from the campus network and the Internet, students will be able to practice common hacks and defense strategies, and learn how to scan websites and cloud environments for security vulnerabilities. Practical examples of real world security breaches will be used as case studies to illustrate key concepts. (prerequisites: knowledge of computer programming principles and networking)

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Course title Instructors Timing
Introduction to Cybersecurity TBD August 2020 Click Here
Hacking and Penetration Testing TBD August 2020 Click Here
Mobile Security TBD August 2020 Click Here

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