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There is no question that technology is ever-changing and businesses must adapt to remain viable and productive. With this in mind, the IDCP offers a variety of certificate programs and special topics courses focusing on cutting edge, emerging technologies. 

Quantum Computing

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Students will be able to understand core concepts including advanced linear algebra, superposition, entanglement, bra-ket notation, quantum gates, and more. Students will have hands-on experience programming an IBM Q System using the Qiskit language, and implementing algorithms including Deutsch-Josza, Grover, Simon, Shor, Quantum Fourier Transform, and Quantum Cryptography using BB84 protocols.

Running Linux in a zVM Environment


In this course, you will be introduced to the concept of virtualization, z/VM administration, directory maintenance, storage administration, and system administrative tasks required to administer a healthy z/VM production system running Linux system guests.

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