Running Linux Systems in a z/VM Virtualized Environment

Running Linux Systems in a z/VM Virtualized Environment

Course Description:

The purpose of this class is to give students the tools to proficiently deploy Linux systems in a virtualized z/VM environment.

Topics Covered:

  • The concept of virtualization
  • z/VM Administration
  • Directory Maintenance
  • Storage Administration
  • Linux Installation
  • System Administrative tasks required to administer a healthy z/VM production system running Linux guests

After completing this class, you will have the skills needed to efficiently deploy Linux systems in a running virtualized z/VM environment. All technology discussed will be native features of z/VM.  You will learn how to define, setup, deploy, and manage hundreds of Linux systems which are defined in a single centralized z/VM directory. We will discuss disk storage management, shared memory, CPU and network resources and point out the differences and efficiencies when managing these resources with z/VM compared to other platforms.  You will learn to manage a robust network spanning multiple VLANs using highly available z/VM VSWITCH technology.  Additionally, we will discuss other z/VM high available features including SSI which enables Live System Migration across LPARS or z/Series mainframes.  

Prerequisite: A basic understanding of Linux or zSeries hardware is recommended, but not required.

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