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Certified Data Center Professional Certificate

The Data Center Professional Certificate program provides competency in critical infrastructure design, management, and problem-solving acumen, and will challenge your critical thinking in organization, management and planning for the tasks, roles and responsibilities of managers. Financials is an important aspect of management and this training will provide you with the tools to review financial statements with a basic concept in accounting.


Requirements:   Successful completion of both the Associate and the Professional Data Center Facilities Management Certificates, plus:

Certified Data Center Professional Certificate Courses


This course provides an introduction to the management of organizations. Students will learn about organizational structures, the history of management, and the tasks, roles, and responsibilities of managers. Planning, organizing, directing, and controlling the management process will also be discussed. Critical and ethical thinking will be emphasized throughout this course.


This course will provide students with the accounting toolkit and analytical skills that guide managers in making complicated decisions. This course is organized into two modules. The first module focuses on the interpretation of financial accounting reports and the evaluation of a firm’s financial performance. The focus of the second module is on information used for internal decision-making purposes. Topics include costing, cost behavior and decision making, budgets and performance analysis, activity and differential analysis, and the Balanced Scorecard.