Enterprise Systems Student Testimonials

"The idea to take this class was to check if we could use it for new employees working as system programmers. The content and structure is a nice mix of presentations, own reading, practical exercises and discussions in the forum. During these five classes so far, I've learned a lot more than I thought before started. If possible and it 's so fun I'd like to finish with the 'expert level' next semester.  I think these classes aren't only for system z professionals; I believe all our IT architects also would benefit taking this class.  I wish I got this opportunity when I started as a system programmer 14 years ago.  I guess I would have been much more efficient from start and also more cost efficient for the company!"

"After having completed the z/OS Associate and Professional Certificate Programs, I am currently midway through the Expert Certificate and have found the undertaking an extremely satisfying one. With more than 25 years experience in Mainframe computing, many of the topics that were covered still provided much useful information for my day to day activities. The various modules are presented by subject matter experts and the prompt responses to my questions via the forums or email was exceptional. The course material is well structured, relevant and contains is a good mixture of theory and practical. I have no regrets whatsoever in taking this certification and can highly recommend it to any z/Series professional wanting to improve their overall knowledge of their chosen field and add value to their current position."

"In the fall of 2003, I interviewed at a large insurer for a database administrator position.  I knew a bit about databases, but other requirements of the job were completely unfamiliar to me - including the operating system that was being used.  Strange acronyms like TSO, ISPF, JCL, and DB2 left me scratching my head - and this was before you could Google anything.  As part of the interview, I had the opportunity to shadow one of the DBAs.  I watched him navigate through the unfamiliar screens and sat trying to figure out what he was demonstrating."  

"I have been at my current job for 3 years, and all the training I have received has been on the job. I thought I knew a lot about TSO, ISPF and data sets coming into this. There were many holes out there, but are now filled."

"I am happy to report that i took the Test Z01: IBM System z Entry Level for z/OS System Programmer Mastery Test at Prometric Testing and passed all the 65 questions (100%). I was proud to show my Professor featured in IBM Systems Magazine to my colleagues at work."

"Working a 'graveyard shift' I have been able to learn a lot about the Mainframe Infrastructure that Progressive houses and have even been able to apply some of the Associate certificate knowledge to my everyday work."

"These classes have been really great as during my tenure here. I have learned on my own while working with these technologies."

"I also am a returnee from last falls z/OS Associate Certificate Program, which I found invaluable in helping me to gain understanding of a z/OS system, as well as teaching me to think outside the box... or more approximately inside the box!"

"The text used for this class is well written; the lectures are well done. Supplemental materials are well chosen."

"I have absolutely no regrets having taken this class. This class exceeded my expectations and prepared me for the courses to follow."

"I did like that there was a strong component of ongoing evaluation through quiz scores rather than an emphasis on just one or two exams."

"I knew enough about TCP/IP and VTAM to get by self taught on the job. The text and lectures were all very informative. Additionally, the extra lectures are invaluable-- giving information that really opened my eyes. Also, knowing the configuration files, the assortment of display commands, and reference guides has already proven beneficial in my current job, both technically and when communicating."

"It's making a difference in my day to day activities as a system programmer. Because of the training, new tasks are less daunting and I'm more familiar with resources to assist me."

"I would like to thank everyone at Marist for this program. It has not only been an excellent review for me, but I have learned as well. I have recommended this course to everyone I knew would benefit from it. I eagerly look forward to the Professional Certificate curriculum."

"The hands on work was challenging and i learned a lot from the lab."

"I believe my employer has found that the System z Certificate courses are helping to build a strong foundation of young mainframe technicians for the company, I know the classes have surely helped me."

"The z/OS courses I have taken through the IDCP have been a truly amazing professional experience. A student can attend these courses at his/her convenience whether the person is at work or on holiday or on the move around the world."

"As I have gained advanced skills and expertise through these courses, my employer has benefited by using my skills in areas where strong technical skills are required. I have also shared my knowledge with the team members within my company as a zNextgen initiative."

"The zNetworking course was an eye opener for me. I had some basic knowledge but this course made everything so much clearer."

"The labs are superb and provide an opportunity for “real world” learning in a safe environment. The course material was consistently timely and bleeding edge. It’s almost uncanny how I would sometimes encounter context for a course topic on my job." 

"I have enjoyed this class very much. The audio presentations are great. I can get so much more out of a class like this. It helps me a lot because if I miss a point the first time I hear it, I can go back and listen to it until I understand. This is an excellent method of education."

"The Marist program has played a major role in the advancement of my career and opened a lot of doors for me.  I look forward to continuing on to the "expert" level courses next semester"

"I just wanted to thank you for an excellent experience. While I have been in the system programming role for a couple of years now, your three System Z certificate programs allowed me to put together a great view of what I had not been exposed to day to day, as well as filling in the voids of what I had not absorbed to date. The instructors were all top notch and the material was right where it needed to be with options to dig further for more detail. Very well done. I am grateful that IDCP/Marist has made these programs available for and at such a great value."