Professional Certificate Qualifying Exam

The IDCP offers a qualifying exam for those experienced z Systems professionals interested in directly entering the z Systems Professional Certificate sequence. The qualifying exam covers the Associate Certificate course materials of (Introduction to z/OS and Major Subsystems, z/OS Networking and z/OS Security). Eligibility requirements for the exam include complying with the examination procedures noted below and a $200 exam fee which is non-refundable. Participants who successfully pass the qualifying exam will be eligible to waive enrollment in the Associates Certificate program and start the z Systems Professional Certificate sequence.

Examination Procedures

  1. Student must provide a current C.V. or resume detailing experience with System zā„¢.
  2. Student must provide a photocopy of an official identity document (passport, driver license, identity card). This document must include a photograph.
  3. Student must secure an examination proctor. Acceptable proctors include a workplace supervisor, human resources personnel or training manager, librarian, or school administrator or teacher. The proctor must sign the qualifying exam application and agree to provide contact information and a photocopy of an official identity document.
  4. Proctor must provide a fax number and time when the examination will be delivered.
  5. Exams may be delivered Monday through Thursday, 8:00am ā€“ 8:00pm EST and on Friday from 8:00am ā€“ 5:00pm EST.
  6. Proctor must fax the completed answer sheet to the number provided within 150 minutes of its receipt. Failure to adhere to the allotted time will jeopardize the validity of the exam.
  7. The proctor agrees to shred or otherwise destroy the completed exam and so certify

Click here for the Qualifying Exam Application.