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System Programming Track

Many large companies continue to rely on mainframes running on the IBM Z platform, yet the professionals who manage and operate these systems are retiring. The Institute for Data Center Professionals is addressing this critical skills shortage by offering these unique educational programs. Marist College and IBM have jointly developed these worldwide programs designed to educate personnel who are entering the field as well as those with experience in IBM Z and z/OS and a variety of application programming tracks including COBOL, DB2, and Assembler language. A combination of lecture and “hands on” experience helps build valuable skills needed by mainframe professionals.

The program is aimed at working professionals and is available online through Marist’s Institute for Data Center Professionals (IDCP). The complete certificate program enables industry professionals to earn three z/OS certificates from the IDCP as outlined below.

z/OS Associate Certificate

This first certificate is a series of three courses that introduce IBM Z platform, the z/OS Operating system and its major features. The courses in the certificate are:

  • Introduction to z/OS and Major Subsystems *
  • z/OS Networking
  • z/OS Security

* prepares students to take the z/OS Mastery Exam

Z/OS Professional Certificate

This certificate is offered to participants who have successfully completed the z/OS Associate Certificate. The Professional Certificate builds on the Associate Certificate foundation and includes:

  • z/OS Advanced Topics
  • z/OS RAS (Reliability, Availability, Serviceability) and Problem Determination
  • z/OS Emerging Technologies

Z/OS Expert Certificate

This certificate requires completion of the Associate and Professional Certificate. The z/OS Expert Certificate focuses on building skills in the following areas:

  • z/OS Installation
  • DB2 Fundamentals
  • z/OS Performance Fundamentals

Please select the certificate you would like to apply for:

Associate Certificate

Professional Certificate:

  • No application required after completing the z/OS Associate Certificate
  • Students that want to skip the Associate Certificate and start with the Professional Certificate may take a qualifying exam.

Expert Certificate:

  • No application required -- Students who complete the Professional Certificate may enroll in the Expert Certificate.