IDCP Live in NYC

Start learning technology with a friendly face.

IDCP Live in NYC

Start learning technology with a friendly face.

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LIVE in NYC 08.07.19

Join us in New York City on August 7, 2019  for this unique event. 


We know that getting started in z/OS is easier with a little help. Students who take online classes get lost and have no place to get assistance.  That is why we developed IDCP in NYC - LIVE events. 


To assist students in starting their training and education in an easy manner, we are offering this 15 hour course, which will be delivered in a unique hybrid fashion, with both a face-to-face and web component.  One half the course is delivered in a traditional classroom setting, the other half is online, with the same instructor you'll get to meet in our class. 


Classes are conveniently held at the Marist College Executive Center, located in mid-town Manhattan at 420 Fifth Ave., NYC.


This course provides an introduction to IBM Z hardware and z/OS software basic concepts.


IBM-IDCP Digital Credentials:


Upon the successful completion of this 15 hour class, you will receive an IBM-IDCP co-branded digital badge to share on your linked in profile and social media.


After completion, you will be eligible to take the online "Introduction to z/OS and Major Subsystems" at a reduced rate.


z/OS Assoc Cert red table

Course title Instructors Timing
Introduction to z/OS and Major Subsystems Marilyn Zeppetelli August 31, 2020 Read more
z/OS Networking TBD November 30, 2020 Read more
z/OS Security TBD March 1, 2021 Read more

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