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z/OS Advanced Topics

This module is designed to go into some detail on key technical areas of interest to personnel working with System z and z/OS. Several topics are extensions to basic materials covered in the Introduction to z/OS and Major Subsystems class while others cover entirely new material. The topics covered include:

  • Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery

  • Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing

  • A Look Inside the Coupling Facility

  • Server Time Protocol (STP)

  • z/OS Installation overview

  • z/OS Performance Basics

  • Global Resource Serialization 

  • System z™ Virtualization

  • z/OS Operations and Commands

  • Understanding a WLM Service Definition

  • I/O on System z

  • An enhanced z/OS User Interface

  • Websphere Application Server Set Up and Configuration on z/OS

  • Selected Topics related to z architecture (e.g. machine components, data representation, etc.)


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