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DB2 Application Programming

This course presents the fundamental concepts and programming techniques required to access DB2 data through application programs. Students will learn to code programs with embedded SQL and to use a variety of attachment facilities to run those programs against DB2 for z/OS databases. The course includes many hands-on programming exercises which give students the opportunity to develop programming skills, learn good programming techniques, and implement programming best practices while accessing DB2 data.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand the physical design of a DB2 for z/OS database, and how this design impacts application development

  • Describe key features in DB2 for z/OS which support application development

  • Understand application environments and their connections to DB2 for z/OS

  • Utilize a variety of advanced query capabilities provided by DB2 for z/OS in accessing data via application programs

  • Design, develop, prepare, and deploy both local and remote application programs which access DB2 for z/OS data

  • Leverage traditional and new application development technologies such as C, C++, Java, XML, SOA, and Web Services

  • Recognize and troubleshoot database and application performance issues


To meet these goals, the course covers the following topics*:

  • Programming APIs for DB2 for z/OS

    • Overview

      • Application development foundations

      • Creating a simple application in TSO

      • Creating a simple application using RDz toolset

    • Programming Interface

      • Host language interfaces (COBOL, PL/1, etc)

      • CLI/ODBC interfaces

      • JDBC/SQLJ interfaces

    • Preparation and Execution

      • Preparation of programs with embedded SQL, JDBC applications, SQLJ applications, and stored procedures

      • Executing programs under TSO

      • Using DB2I to prepare and run programs

    • Extended Functionality

      • Triggers

      • UDF – user defined functions

      • Stored procedures

    • Running COBOL programs in CICS

  • Exploitation of SQL Functions

    • SQL Deep Dive

      • Physical database design

      • Advanced query design

      • Security and authorization

    • Application Performance Tuning

      • Application performance monitoring techniques

      • Application performance tuning techniques

    • New Database Applications

      • pureXML

      • Application development support for XML

      • SOA and DB2 Web Services

      • Web Services programming using Data Studio

      • pureQuery using Data Studio

      • Spatial data analysis

    • Additional topics to be determined by the instructor

Students taking this course should have a basic understanding of relational databases (preferably DB2 for z/OS) and a basic knowledge of SQL.


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