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Advanced COBOL Application Programming

This COBOL course the third course in the COBOL Application Programming Certificate. Students entering this course must have successfully completed the Basic COBOL Application Programming class. This second course in COBOL will begin with a review of single dimensional array processing techniques before beginning multidimensional array processing techniques. File processing techniques including sorts, merges, transaction processing,  Structured Programming techniques and modularization including both internal and external subroutines will be taught and used in all programming projects. Finally interactive COBOL using CICS will be taught and used to develop an interactive user program. This course uses extensive programming projects to enable the student to practice what is being taught. These programming projects will be entered, compiled and executed on the Marist College Z/OS main frame computer using TSO.

Topics for  Advanced COBOL Application Programming modules include:

  • Array Processing Techniques

  • Single Dimensional Arrays

  • Use both Internal and External subroutines

    • Define and use the COBOL Linkage System

    • Pass data to an External Subroutine using the CALL statement

  • Multi-Dimensional Arrays

    • Create and Modify a Reservation System

  • File Processing Techniques

    • Sorting and Merging Files

    • Use the Search and Search All statements

  • Transaction Processing Techniques

    • Using Master/Transaction Techniques

  • Create and Change a VSAM (Virtual Storage Access Method) file

    • Use the IDCAMS program to create and initialize a VSAM file

    • Use VSAM to add, delete and update records in a VSAM file

    • Create and Process VSAM ESDS, KSDS and RRDS files


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