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Join us in New York City for this unique event. 

 We know that getting started in z/OS is easier with a little help. Students who take online classes can get overwhelmed.  That is why we developed IDCP in NYC - LIVE events. 

 To assist students in starting their training and education in an easy manner, we are offering this 15-hour course, which will be delivered in a unique hybrid fashion, with both a face-to-face and web component.  One half the course is delivered in a traditional classroom setting, the other half is online, with the same instructor you'll get to meet in our class.  

This course provides an introduction to IBM Z hardware and z/OS software basic concepts.

We have IBM-IDCP Digital Credentials:

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Upon the successful completion of this 15-hour class, you will receive an IBM-IDCP co-branded digital badge to share on your linked in profile and social media.

Next: After completion, you will be eligible to take the online "Introduction to z/OS and Major Subsystems" at a reduced rate.

  • Where: 420 Fifth Ave., NYC
  • Time: 9:00 am
  • Tuition: $375.00

Classes are conveniently held at the Marist College Executive Center, located in mid-town Manhattan at 420 Fifth Ave., NYC.

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