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Emerging Technologies Program Overview

There is no question that technology is ever changing and businesses must adapt to remain viable and productive. With this in mind, the IDCP offers a variety of certificate programs focusing on cutting edge, emerging technologies including Business Analytics.


Business Analytics

The field of business analytics has grown significantly over the last few years, providing business users with better insights from operational data stored in transactional systems. Business analytics stands today as one of the most strategically important fields in corporate information technology.  Executives analyze sales trends and customer purchase patterns to improve their marketing strategies and better target customers with product offers and advertising.  To illustrate the current momentum of business analytics both in industry and academia, let us look at some examples:

  • In April 2009 IBM announced that it was setting up a 4,000 person organization focused on helping corporations analyze data better and make smarter decisions, its biggest foray in business consulting since it acquired PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting in 2002 (source: Business Week)

  • Gartner Group identified business analytics as one of the top ten strategic technologies for 2010, together with cloud computing, client computing, virtualization and green IT among others.  According to Gartner, "the new step is to provide simulation, prediction, optimization and other analytics, not simply information, to empower even more decision flexibility at the time and place of every business process action.  The new step looks into the future, predicting what can or will happen".

  • McKinsey Global Institute's May 2011 "Big Data" report states that by 2018 demand for people with deep analytics talent could be 50% to 60% greater than the supply.

The Institute for Data Center Professionals is pleased to announce the development of a new graduate level certificate preparing students to meet this demand.

Students who complete the Certificate in Business Analytics develop expertise and skills in the areas of Data Management, Decision Making, Statistical Data Analysis, Management Science, Online Analytical Processing, Business Performance Management, Data Mining and Predictive Analytics.

Potential Audience:

- Strategy Managers

 - Researchers (physics and engineering, social science, medicine)

- Business analysts and consultants

- IT Professionals

- Advertising and Marketing professionals

- Health Care Administrators

- Finance Professionals

List of courses:

Data Management

Intro to Data Analysis and Computational Statistics

Decision Support Systems

Data Mining and Predictive Analytics

Prerequisites:  Completion of a bachelors degree required, no other prerequisites, however an undergraduate course in Introduction to Statistics is desirable.

For more information on this upcoming certificate, please contact the IDCP at (845) 575-3128 or (845) 575-3588


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